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Cyph a.k.a El Dattio

Hoodie _Projects

Cyph a.k.a El Dattio is an artist from Brownsville Brooklyn, NY that is raw and uncut. If you are looking for originality, creativity, hardcore, smooth and real life music he is it. He spent most of his life in the Prospect Plaza Projects in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He never had it easy. Everything he gained in his life he worked hard for. El Dattio started rapping when he was 12 years old. One of the first songs he learned in hip hop was the Geto Boys – Mind Playing tricks on me at the age of 7.

Many people say Cyph a.k.a El Dattio is the next big thing to blow in the hip-hop industry. In January 2012, El Dattio decided to hit the road and go state to state to promote his music. Til this day he travel everywhere just to be heard and rock out shows. El Dattio is a man with many talents, he is also a producer, photographer, and videographer for his own company E.D Productions.

His inspirations as an artist come from Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Jill Scott, Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang and 2Pac but his biggest influence in life come from his parents and his children. In April 2010 he help form a group called The Diamond Boyz and they have been buzzing ever since. El Dattio is one of the hardest working underground Indie artist out there. Many labeled his latest mix tape The Rise as an underground classic (Now Available on It is not hard to tell that El Dattio have what it takes to make his mark on the Hip-Hop industry. He can hear his whole life story through his music. If you are in the mood for raw Hip-Hop with originality, style and substance, He is it.

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